Web3 Consulting

NBN23 is a company that aims to digitize amateur basketball around the world. Its solution allows thousands of players to enjoy and feel the sport they love as if they were professionals.

Continued Web3 consulting for the implementation of NFT technology within the Swish application.

Web3 Consulting and Development
Selas Studio

Selas Studio is a company specialized in image generation through artificial intelligence.

We have helped build the world's first text2NFT platform, integrated within the Lens Protocol social network so that creators can monetize and take their content to the next level.

Development, Consulting, Community

TheGalleryDAO is dedicated to giving visibility to emerging artists and creating educational and immersive experiences around the world.

Advice on the creation of the DAO, development and website with Web3 tools, strategy for the future. Projects carried out in Amsterdam, Paris, Mexico and Bogota.

Development, Community, Event, Art

AMSAR exhibited NFTs in augmented reality during Amsterdam Blockchain. We created a community that exhibited their NFTs.

We ended the week with a 500 person boat party sponsored by companies such as DFG, Human Protocol, Doingud and H.E.R. DAO, which was attended by the entire crypto community in Amsterdam.